Our Goals-Based, Team Approach

Achieving financial success in today’s environment is a challenging task that requires a broad array of expertise and knowledge.  

It requires the wisdom of experience and the rigorous ongoing study of best practices in investment management and financial planning.

Our team of three financial professionals brings together many years of combined experience. That experience has taught us the importance of having clearly defined goals and robust review processes.

With clear goals and regular reviews to assess whether you are achieving them, you’ll have a clear picture of where you are, where you’re headed and what adjustments you should consider.

Our team approach doesn’t end at our office walls. With your consent, we work collaboratively with your tax and legal professionals to coordinate your overall financial well-being. While we don’t provide tax or legal advice, we do consider your tax situation and encourage you to make sure your estate and legal documents are up-to-date and accurately reflect your wishes. We can also help you seek out appropriate expertise in those areas, integrating our work with theirs for your benefit.

Our Adaptive Process

Listen and Understand:  Before we recommend investments, we spend the time getting to know you through thoughtful conversations about your concerns, your family dynamics and your goals. While many clients may share common concerns, each situation is different and deserves individual attention.

Organize and Plan:  The first step on the journey to a more financial secure tomorrow is a clear understanding of where you are today. We’ll bring together your various investments onto a single sheet so you have a global view of your situation. From there, we develop a plan based on your priorities and investment strategies designed around them.

Review and Adapt: Our investment philosophy centers on the importance of asset allocation and disciplined investing. As we navigate your journey, we adapt to changing markets and changing circumstances in your life. That’s why regular, in-depth reviews are the backbone of our process.

Our Transparency

We believe there’s too much mystery around the cost of working with a financial advisor. That’s why we prefer straightforward, fee-based relationships with our clients. Clients who choose to work with advisors value the advice and service we provide but rightfully expect an open conversation about what it costs.

We charge our advisory fees on a sliding-scale based on assets under management and the complexity of the client engagement. There are strategies and situations where a fully fee-based approach may not make sense for the client. In those cases, we will clearly communicate how we are paid.